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Who are we
Folkungaland is a non-profit organization located at the heart of Östergötland, Sweden. We are part of a family of 40 Leader areas in Sweden and about 3 500 similar groups in Europe. We are passionate about rural development and are committed to creating opportunities where people can live the good life in the Swedish countryside and making it accessible to all. We do this by providing funding for projects that work with local development through LEADER. 

Folkungaland covers a large portion of the Östergötland region, that is, Boxholm, Finspång, Linköping, Mjölby, Motala, Vadstena, Åtvidaberg, Ödeshög and the western part of Norrköping. It also extends its arm in the Jönköping region through the municipality of Tranås. Folkungaland has about 170,000 rural residents in its territory with an area of about 7,800 km2

Folkungaland is led by a Local Action Group (LAG) which is made up of private, public and community sector representatives. It is a unique partnership bringing together a wide range of experience and knowledge of local rural issues. You will find our office in Vreta Kluster, a business park and the seat of the green sector in Östergötland.


How we work
Folkungaland works through LEADER, a European programme that aims to involve local actors in rural areas in the development of their own regions. Private, non-profit and public sectors are given the opportunity to work together and get involved in the development of their local area and be able to receive funding for their development projects. Projects that connect territories like urban and rural cooperation are possible within the LEADER programme. The idea is that local development is best carried out by those who live and work within a specific area. 


Study visit and search for project partners
We believe that cooperation between local areas in Europe offers a multitude of benefits to participating local communities, local action groups, and/or other local stakeholders. It strengthens local and European identities by helping partners in discovering their own values from the perspective of others, and learning to appreciate differences and similarities as valuable resources through mutual cooperation. Cooperation improves the competitiveness of participating rural territories by enhancing links between businesses and introducing new methods and approaches that strengthens the innovative character and effectiveness of local development.

If you would like to visit our office or are interested in developing a cooperation project or wish to inquire on a specific project idea, you are very welcome to contact our Strategic Manager:

Jeanette Uner
Mobile +46 70 460 3506

We would be happy to set up a virtual meeting with you and discuss the details. We recommend to contact us as early in the process as possible to better plan, anchor and organise the visit and/or cooperation. We work at grassroots level, so we need to involve local stakeholders in our area and take into account their needs and resources. Varmt välkommen!


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